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Beyerdynamic Dt 770 Pro 250 Ohms | Closed Studio Headphones

Klinično čist zvok je značilen za te zaprte dinamične slušalke. “Bass Reflex” tehnologija pripomore k realistični sliki nizkih frekvenc, kar omogoča uporabo ne samo za snemanje, temveč tudi za miksanje. Frekvenčni razpon 5Hz-35kHz, teža 270g, možna dobava z 80 ali 250 Ohm upornostjo,  3m dolg kabel je zaključen s 3,5mm mini jackom, priložen je...

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Adam S6x | 4-way Powered Main Studio Monitor
  • Adam S6x | 4-way Powered Main Studio Monitor

Adam S6x | 4-way Powered Main Studio Monitor

Active 4-way Main Monitor with 2,250W PWM Amplification; 2 x 12" Woofers; 2 x 7.5" Midbass; 2 x X-ART Midrange; and 1 x X-ART Folded-ribbon Tweeter
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The ADAM Audio S6X is a pristine-sounding main monitor designed for large control rooms and film studios. Two custom HexaCone woofers deliver powerful low-end, while two HexaCone midrange drivers and two newly-designed X-ART drivers offer a balanced, neutral frequency response up to 50 kHz. With over 2000 W of power, the S6X is capable of reproducing hyper-accurate sound up to 123 dB with zero distortion, making it the perfect blend of accuracy and power.


The S6X main monitor uses seven individual speakers arrayed in an extended D’Appolito configuration to deliver consistent sound reproduction no matter where you’re sitting. This groundbreaking design greatly reduces early reflections from the ceiling, floor and mixing console. With an extended stereo image and an immersive three-dimensional sound, the S6X makes you feel like you’re sitting inside the mix.


Equipped with two 12-inch HexaCone woofers and two 7.5-inch HexaCone midrange drivers, the S7A Mk2 offers stunning accuracy. These kevlar-coated drivers are extremely rigid, yet surprisingly lightweight. This unique design prevents the cone from distorting, even at extremely high levels. Spacious front-firing bass reflex ports improve low-end accuracy and minimize compression.

Many traditional reference monitors feature massive woofers designed to impress listeners, which often cause excessive bass response. ADAM woofers have been designed to reproduce sound material with the highest possible accuracy for ideal translation.


The S6X is equipped with two X-ART midrange drivers and one X-ART tweeter — all handmade in Berlin. ADAM Audio’s groundbreaking new eXtended Accelerated Ribbon Technology (X-ART) tweeters and midrange drivers offer unparalleled accuracy. With an innovative folded diaphragm design, X-ART drivers are able to minimize distortion—even at high levels.

X-ART membranes offer lighting-fast transient response by utilizing a larger surface area and improved air velocity over traditional tweeters. Each driver is mounted using Adam’s new Impulse Coupling method, which utilizes an acoustically flat, ultra-stiff 25 mm-thick aluminum honeycomb plate to reduce resonances from the wooden cabinet.


All six drivers are powered by their own rock-solid Pulse Width Modulation (PMW). Also known as Class-D amplification, these highly efficient amps use less power and generate less heat, saving on wear and tear over time.

With over 2000 total Watts of power, the S6X can reach maximum SPLs up to 123 dB with minimal distortion. Combined with state-of-the-art input and filter sections, these cutting-edge monitors offers unparalleled audio quality.


ADAM Audio S7A Mk2 monitor come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, which can be extended to five years with registration.


  • X-ART tweeter, handmade in Berlin
  • The air velocity ratio of 4:1 during the sound generation by folded X-ART membrane
  • Ultra-light but extremely dimensionally stable woofer material (HexaCone)
  • 4-way system with 2 x 12" woofer and 2 x 7.5” midrange
  • Spacious bass reflex ports on the front
  • Highly efficient PWM amplifiers
  • Linear frequency response of 23 Hz to 50 kHz
  • Maximum peak sound pressure per pair in 1 m  133 dB
  • Sophisticated room acoustic adjustments
  • Analog XLR input
  • Directional sound radiation in vertical plane
  • 2 years warranty with optional extension to 3 years with the registration of the product

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Adam S6x | 4-way Powered Main Studio Monitor

Adam S6x | 4-way Powered Main Studio Monitor

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