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Beyerdynamic Dt 770 Pro 250 Ohms | Closed Studio Headphones

Klinično čist zvok je značilen za te zaprte dinamične slušalke. “Bass Reflex” tehnologija pripomore k realistični sliki nizkih frekvenc, kar omogoča uporabo ne samo za snemanje, temveč tudi za miksanje. Frekvenčni razpon 5Hz-35kHz, teža 270g, možna dobava z 80 ali 250 Ohm upornostjo,  3m dolg kabel je zaključen s 3,5mm mini jackom, priložen je...

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Kawai Cn-39 B Black | Digital Piano
  • Kawai Cn-39 B Black | Digital Piano
  • Kawai Cn-39 B Black | Digital Piano

Kawai Cn-39 B Black | Digital Piano

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The Kawai CN39 digital piano is the latest top-of-the-range CN series model and offers one of the best feature sets vs performance from any piano manufacturer in this price category. Equipped with the popular Responsive Hammer Action 3 (RH3) keyboard and the voice of the Shigeru Kawai Concert Grand piano, the CN39 performs way above it's price.

See & Try The CN39 In Our Piano Shops
You can try the new CN39 in our award-winning piano stores. We have three locations, all with on-site parking - Reigate (Surrey), Milton Keynes (M1 JCT 13) and Eastbourne (Sussex) where you can see the full range of Kawai digital pianos, and compare to other models from Yamaha, Roland and Casio to ensure you are making the right purchasing decision. Don't worry if you can't play the piano yet - our friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to demonstrate the instruments and answer any questions you may have.

Kawai Responsive Hammer Action III
One of the most important considerations when purchasing a digital piano is the key action. The keyboard provides the connection between the player and the instrument, so it is vital that you choose a piano with the right keyboard 'feel' for your own needs.

The Kawai RH3 keyboard is, without doubt, one of the best plastic key actions on the market (if not the best in our opinion). The RH3 is a graded hammer action which means it is heavier in the bass registers and slightly lighter in the treble octaves - just like a traditional acoustic instrument. The key surfaces are slightly textured with an 'ivory feel', and each key is fitted with triple sensors to capture every nuance of your performance. The RH3 also has counterweights which give a quick return of the key when playing faster passages.

The Sound Of The Shigeru Kawai Concert Grand
The CN39 provides the voice of the Shigeru Kawai SK Concert Grand piano - a piano which is the preferred option of concert pianists on some of the World's most prestigious stages. The combination of the RH3 keyboard and Shigeru Kawai Concert Grand voice makes the CN39 a delight to play.

Large Variety Of Other Instrument Voices
As well as a good range of acoustic piano voices, the CN39 offers a total of 355 different instrument voices including e.pianos, organs, clavs, strings, choirs, synth sounds, basses, brass & woodwind and even drum 

kits. This provides all the necessary instrumentation required to build your own compositions using the onboard 16track recorder (see below).

Any two voices can also be layered across the entire keyboard range to create popular textures such as piano+strings or choir+organ. It is also possible to split the keyboard at any point to achieve a different voice in the upper and lower keyboard registers.

Digital Effects For A More Professional Sound
The CN39 has an onboard digital effects processor which not only adds beautiful ambient reverb effects to the sound but also classic studio effects such as chorus, phaser, rotary speaker, wah and more. Give your sounds a more professional edge by making use of these effects, and then store your favourite sound/effect combinations to a registration memory for instant recall.

On-Board Recording
Unlike most other pianos in this price range, the CN39 is equipped with a 16 track recorder. This means you can record your own composition which consists of up to 16 different sounds/instruments (including drums!). You could use the CN39 to create pop music, as well as complex orchestral scores. Once you have created your masterpiece, it can be saved in the internal memory, or to a USB memory device as an audio file which is compatible with most computers, smartphones and tablet devices.

There is also a simple recording facility for times when you want to just capture your basic piano performance - this can be recorded as MIDI or audio data for sharing with friends & family.

Metronome Plus 100 Drum Rhythms
As well as a standard metronome for traditional piano practice, the CN39 offers 100 drum rhythms which can be used to make practice more fun! There is a drumbeat for most popular genres of music including Pop, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Disco, Latin, Ballroom and World music.

Full Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity; MIDI + AUDIO
Connect your favourite device to the CN39 to open even more music making potential! Use the Bluetooth audio function to stream play-along backing tracks from websites such as YouTube, and the BlueTooth MIDI capability means that the piano will communicate directly with the portable device when using tuition apps such as FlowKey, PIano Tutor and more. You can even use Bluetooth to record your playing directly into PC/MAC computer applications such as Garage Band and Sibelius.

Grand Feel Pedal System
There are three pedals on the CN39 which behave in the same way as the pedals on an acoustic piano - damper (sustain), soft and sostenuto. The Kawai Grand Feel Pedal System. accurately replicates the individual weighting of the different pedals - similar to that of a Kawai EX Concert grand piano. This further enhances the acoustic piano authenticity.

Speaker System
There is a four speaker system fitted in the CN39 (13xm x 2) + (8x12cm x2). The speakers are powered by a 2 x 20w amplifier.

Kawai CN39 Dimensions & Weight
The Kawai CN39 weighs 54kg. Dimensions are 145cm (w) x 44cm (d) x 88cm (h).

Colour Options
Kawai CN39 is available in three different colour finishes: Satin Black, Satin White and Rosewood.

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Kawai Cn-39 B Black | Digital Piano

Kawai Cn-39 B Black | Digital Piano

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